Integrated Social Media Strategies

Social media has dramatically changed how businesses and organizations communicate with their customers, donors, and the media. With nearly a billion users, sites like Facebook and Twitter serve as launchpads for new products, forums for customers, and sales lead generators.

What social media outlets should you engage?

While there are so many opportunities for extending your brand online, creating buzz, and generating leads on social networks, knowing where to start and how much to invest is not always obvious. Small businesses have the most to gain from social media. The low cost and far reach of these networks mean you can reach a lot of customers quickly and having the right strategy for engaging these new customers can mean big rewards.

We create integrated online media strategies that are tailored to your needs. This includes assessing what social media you should focus your energies, developing a plan for cultivating a community, giving your pages a “voice”, and setting up a deployment plan.

In addition to developing a custom social media strategy, we also provide:

  • Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Google+ page maintenance
  • Custom branded site graphics including special ad campaign graphics
  • Facebook advertising
  • Reporting of visitor activity

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