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Whether you are looking for an e-commerce solution, a new online portfolio or need to overhaul your existing website, Studio 34 can create a custom online solution tailored to your business’s needs. We help you build not just a website, but an extension of your team – allowing you to reach more customers and create more conversion.

While it is important to keep your brand consistent, websites should be more than just an online version of existing marketing materials. Internet users have a very different interaction with a company’s website than a brochure or a magazine ad. We understand that and a key part of our design process is to understand why your customers are visiting your site. Your online goals depend on your customers finding what they need.

Check out the top reasons why we deliver successful websites for our customers:

Collaborative Work Style

We work closely with each customer and develop a comprehensive plan for designing, developing and deploying the site first. We listen to what you are looking for in a website and get to know your business so we can create the most effective site possible. Whether you’re a seasoned pro with the Internet or it’s a new frontier, we’ll work closely with you.

Search Engine Optimized Sites

Good SEO is at the core of what we do. Whether you know it or not, search engines are one of the key audiences you need to build your site for. Too many great looking sites never receive any visitors because search engines never led customers to them. We build sites that get the get the attention of the search engines without using dirty tricks.

Project Management Approach

Each website project follows a set project management cycle that starts with defining the goal followed by developing a work plan, building the site, testing and training, deploying and most importantly tracking. This proven method makes sure we meet your goals and that the process is as smooth as possible.


We’ve been building websites since Netscape was the dominant browser. We know what works for a website and what is just unnecessary fluff.

A Website is an Investment

We understand that building a successful website is a significant expense for many organizations including small businesses and non-profit organizations. We build sites will real ROI.

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